Monday, November 7, 2011

some musings..

con season is surely coming up and fast as i am not doing emerald city this year but doing some smaller shows im doing my first ever non seattle show.. which can be a bit scary.
in the process of doing such .. people i know some how pop up and i get a chance to see what they have been doing.. more often times than not.. its this or that.. some are still as pretentious as they were in school (albeit more polished at art work than then) some offer great insight to their process but i can never forget people i meet at comicons. These people like me are the ones putting it out there for the thousands and thousands of people that come by and if you can evoke one smile from one of them then that in itselfs is the best feeling in the world.
Art is Art and yes i would love it to be my profession.. however im a realist and until i hit on the thing that will sell ill continue doing con gigs.. art shows..
funny thing about people from school too. if you werent on their radar then your not going to be now.. i can tell you how many times ive done con(a Lot) and i can also tell how many times anyone has come to my booth from my school(not a lot) i have always had supporters and to one of which.. Lani Ming woo woo has always been one. so i can read musings on how one person doesnt draw from photos and such but consider me a person who loves it .. and would gladly make you happy and make your son into a super hero..

so for those of you enjoy fun times and fun drawings i say come to comicons let me and my fellow artist alley people dazzle you with our skills.. just please stay away from the illl draw any character from pop culture anyway you want for 20 bucks guy.. little is said for a guy who draws other peoples characters for money.. almost as little as his creativity.. show the guy next to him with original characters some love... honestly that guy is gonna appreciate it way more... the other guy is just gonna use the money in his inevitable law suit..


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