Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Hey guys!

Comicon 2011 season is getting ready to sign up and gear up for the year..

I am again going to be throwing my hat in the ring again and hoping you all can make it out this years show will be March 4th-6th..

Thats 3 days!!! yay!!!

im hoping to have some great stuff for you all this year. hoping that I dont fall into the slump I did this year. Breaking up is hard to do.. yeargh.. love that song..
With the con being 3 days now. I am no longer going to have a 3rd extra pass.. So if you are going to go watch for early ticket sales as those are the cheapest.

My two passes are for MY lovely Booth Assistant. Miss Nicole Hizombkins and Myself.
I hope to see you all out supporting the arts expect lots of updates and what nots and whos its and whats it galore from here on out.. this year i take over Seattle then THE WORLD!


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